The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact. Offices, schools, and even our social lives have gone virtual. Many trade shows and conferences have been canceled or postponed. However, these events provide incredible value to attendees, sponsors, and hosts. Although in-person events may be on hold, you can still put on a conference with the help of our virtual trade show platform. This online solution to gathering in-person can help you reach new customers, make new connections, and foster innovation in your industry.

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Virtual Trade Show Platform: Our Mission

about virtual trade show platformOur mission is to provide executive-level decision-makers a trusted strategic partner in the development, execution, and management of a complete digital presence that achieves their business development goals. This includes creating virtual trade show opportunities both during and after the current pandemic. We are committed to staying ahead of changes in the trade show industry in order to help our clients deliver the best quality to their sponsors and attendees.

As a marketing company with over 15 years of real-world experience, attending over 50 conferences and tradeshow events every year across a range of verticals, we have seen firsthand the elements and practices that produce a successful event for both attendee and organizer. Combine that with an industry-leading technical development team, and an entrepreneurial agency spirit at its core, we have the combination needed to design a virtual conference solution that exceeds client expectations.

Reach out to our team at 833.658.1224 to learn more about how we can help you build a virtual trade show that will help your company and industry grow.

Virtual Trade Show Platform: About Us

Our virtual conference platform is a complete online solution to in-person events. We can dynamically build, support, and deliver an online experience that effectively translates the value of your in-person event, delivers an engaging experience to your audience, and drives revenue for your organization.

  • Building your conference – We’ll help you create an interactive, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing virtual event
  • Support – We provide comprehensive IT support before, during, and after your virtual trade show
  • Delivering your event – We’ll ensure that every aspect of your trade show, from registration to following up with attendees, runs smoothly

Virtual conferencing sites can be customized to the needs of your specific event and audience. We’ll add value to your trade show, expo, or conference, large or small. Some of the features of our virtual conference platform include:

  • Custom ticketing and registration
  • Custom sponsorship tiers and features
  • Flexible sessions
  • Virtual exhibit hall and booths
  • Zoom® video conference integration
  • Attendee portal
  • Sponsor portal
  • Administrative reporting
  • Event support

If you’ve considered canceling or postponing your event, consider a virtual trade show platform instead. These trade show alternatives promote diversity and inclusion, as they allow for more individuals from diverse backgrounds to attend your event. You can help others break into your industry while establishing your company as a pioneer in virtual conferencing.

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We are committed to solving problems. Our virtual trade show platforms can deliver all the benefits of in-person events while helping those in your industry stay safe. Even after the pandemic, the trade show industry will constantly be changing. As we adapt to new ways of life, be at the forefront. Build a virtual trade show on our platform that attendees will remember. 

To get started, contact our team today by calling 833.658.1224 or by contacting us online. We can answer your questions, tell you more about our virtual conference platform, and help you get started in planning your next trade show.