Trade shows are an invaluable way for those in a given industry to make connections, boost revenue, and learn more about new technologies and products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the status of trade shows likely feels uncertain. You might have thought about canceling an event, or you’ve looked into trade show alternatives and haven’t found the right option. However, we offer a virtual trade show platform that can help you put on an event to remember.

While change can be difficult, adapting to the new normal can help you stay ahead of new challenges. Even after the pandemic has ended, the trade show industry will need to adjust in order to continue to provide value to sponsors and attendees.

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Teleconferencing for Trade Shows

We are committed to solving the problem of canceled or postponed trade shows. In these uncertain times, innovation and connection are as important as ever. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, trade shows will face challenges. It’s uncertain when large group gatherings will be safe once again, and until then, virtual options for events like trade shows will fill in the gap.

Yet these trade show alternatives don’t have to be subpar experiences. Instead, we offer a virtual trade show platform that allows you to build an exciting, dynamic virtual even for both sponsors and attendees. And since virtual events don’t involve travel, you can reach a new audience.

Without a timetable for when the COVID-19 pandemic will be over, it can be challenging to try to reschedule an in-person event. You could lose money on renting a venue, travel expenses, and building physical booths and props. However, through teleconferencing and virtual conference software, you can put on an event that won’t be affected by coronavirus concerns.

Trade Show Alternatives After the Pandemic

What are some of the trade show alternatives that we offer? Our team can help you build a virtual trade show experience that can provide tremendous value to both your sponsors and your attendees. 

The trade show industry will need to be adaptable in the future. Health concerns and accessibility issues can impact the way we gather. Stay ahead of these changes by embracing new technologies and methods of connecting with audiences.

What you can expect from the future of trade shows includes:

  • More interactivity with technology – Product demonstrations can utilize virtual reality, gamification, and content that is delivered right to attendees’ phones
  • Personalization – Trade show sponsors and admins can learn more about attendees and customize the experience to their interests
  • Increased safety measures – The coronavirus pandemic has revealed how important it is to consider public health concerns in large gatherings
  • Social media integration – Sponsors can interact with attendees through social media channels

All of these benefits can be found in a virtual trade show. As we wait for the world to return to the way it was, your company can be ahead of the next challenge. Building your next event through our virtual trade show platform can allow you to make new connections and foster innovation even during uncertain times. 

Contact Virtual Trade Show Platform for Trade Show Alternatives

Though in-person trade shows during the pandemic might be on hold, you can still create a memorable, valuable event to your industry. Be at the forefront of changes to trade shows by hosting a virtual trade show during the pandemic.

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