man attending socially distant conferencesDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve become accustomed to social distancing. Many companies are working from home in order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone has made sacrifices in order to keep others safe. The pandemic has postponed or canceled many trade shows and conferences in 2020, and it’s possible that these cancellations will continue into the new year.

However, socially distant conferences are possible. Through virtual conference software, trade shows, expos, and conferences can continue. In many ways, virtual events offer unique benefits. Socially distant trade shows are more convenient for attendees, are less expensive for everyone involved, and can help your organization become more inclusive.

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How to Hold a Socially Distant Conference

If your company is preparing to hold a trade show or have had to put off an event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consider a virtual trade show option. A virtual conference is a perfect option to maintain social distancing while still providing attendees and vendors with a high-quality experience. 

Although the pandemic is changing the way we work and interact, it doesn’t need to put innovation and connection on hold. Trade shows allow key players in your industry to network while boosting your revenue. Attendees learn about the newest technologies, receive discounts, and build relationships in their field. Sponsors can exhibit new products, build brand awareness, and make contacts with new customers or clients. 

A virtual trade show platform allows you to host an engaging event for attendees and sponsors. By connecting with our team to build your next socially distant conference, you’ll have access to comprehensive event support, real-time insight into your attendees’ interactions and endless opportunities to have new customers learn more about your products and services.

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Socially Distant Trade Shows

Social distancing is one way that individuals and companies are helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus. By putting physical distance between people, we can keep the virus from transmitting and protect others and ourselves.

Virtual events have become increasingly common during the pandemic. These events are socially distant by nature, as attendees and hosts both can take part from their homes, offices, or other convenient location. 

Contact Us for Socially Distant Conference Services

Our virtual trade show platform can help your company put on a socially distant conference, trade show, or expo. Before canceling or postponing your event, explore teleconferencing options. We can help you make new connections in your industry, boost revenue, and foster innovation.

Our conference sites feature the following:

  • Custom ticketing and registration – We can help you build custom registration fields, utilize discounts, and offer multiple ticket types
  • Custom sponsorship tiers and features – Our platform offers separate sponsor registration, virtual booth services, and real-time booth visitor reporting
  • Flexible sessions – Choose from single track, multi-day format, and multi-track/concurrent sessions
  • Virtual exhibit hall and booths – Dynamic media functionality, opportunities for attendee interaction, and built-in calls to action
  • Zoom® video conference integration – Attendees can view the exhibit hall at the same time as the live conference
  • Attendee portal – Attendees can easily access everything they need
  • Sponsor portal – Custom booth features and real-time visitor and submission
  • reporting and exporting
  • Administrative reporting – Get insight into website visits, ticket sales, and revenue
  • Event support – Receive IT support leading up to and on the day of your event and speaker coaching and analytics

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