woman showing benefits of virtual trade showsTrade shows provide tremendous value to companies and individuals in various industries. Through these shows, exhibitors connect with new customers, create relationships with others in their field, and learn about new advances in technology. These conferences and exhibitions can be a chance to market the latest products and increase revenue.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many trade shows have been canceled or postponed. Companies and consumers are missing out on valuable connections and opportunities for growth. Many innovations and collaborations have come about as a result of meeting at socially distant conferences, and during this time, we need innovation more than ever. 

One option for continuing to foster these connections and opportunities for growth is through virtual trade shows. By meeting virtually, there is no danger to attendees. Instead, there are many benefits to hosting virtual conferences and expos. 

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Virtual Trade Shows Save Money

In-person trade shows can be expensive, both for those hosting and attendees. Renting a venue, speaker fees, travel expenses, and costs of booths can add up. Additionally, those hosting trade shows can spend large amounts of money on promotional items and marketing.

However, a virtual trade show has the unique advantage of reducing nearly all the costs related to traditional in-person trade shows. By spending less on the physical aspects of conferences and expos through virtual conference software, those who are putting on the event can spend more on developing their products, paying their team, and exploring more effective digital marketing options. All of these expenses directly translate to a better trade show experience for attendees and exhibitors.

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Virtual Trade Shows Are More Inclusive

Since virtual trade shows are less expensive for both attendees and vendors, there are less barriers to entry. Companies who might have new advances in their field to share can more easily make connections with potential customers. Attendees can build valuable relationships with others they might not have otherwise met. 

As workplaces continue to pursue diversity and inclusivity, virtual trade shows offer valuable opportunities to put these values into place. By offering access to premium content and networking opportunities at a lower cost, virtual conferences and expos allow more individuals to break into their fields and increases attendee engagement.

Virtual Trade Shows Are Convenient

As more and more companies are adapting to working at home, they’re discovering the value of convenience. Employees can be more productive and relaxed when working at home, and they can connect with their teams from anywhere. A virtual trade show allows for the same level of convenience. Traditionally, trade shows took place in convention centers or other locations in major cities. Travel could be a barrier to entry for some individuals. However, a conference on a virtual trade show platform allows anyone to attend.

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Discover the benefits and the future of virtual trade shows firsthand. By building your conference or expo on our virtual trade show platform, you can reach more attendees and receive comprehensive event support. Our platform features the following:

  • Full-featured conference site
  • Custom ticketing and registration
  • Custom sponsorship tiers and features
  • Flexible sessions
  • Virtual exhibit hall and booths
  • Zoom® video conference integration
  • Attendee portal
  • Sponsor portal
  • Administrative reporting
  • Event support

Our virtual trade show software allows you to build an exceptional experience for both your organization and your audience. The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t have to slow down innovation and connection in your industry. 

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