woman thinking about attendee engagementAs virtual trade shows grow in popularity, many of those hosting want to ensure that their attendee engagement is as high as possible. The best trade show alternatives offer numerous opportunities for attendees to interact and form connections. Exhibitors can generate leads and meet potential customers through interacting with attendees. 

Our virtual trade show platform allows you to build a virtual conference or expo that will rival in-person events. By effectively translating an in-experience to virtual trade show attendees, you can boost revenue for your business and further innovation in your field.

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Why Is Attendee Engagement Important?

During a traditional, in-person trade show, attendees get to spend time making connections. Between running into old friends or coworkers, getting to know new faces to the industry, and learning more about new technologies and developments, these events offer an incredible value to both attendees and exhibitors. There’s the possibility of innovation and connection at every turn. At trade shows where the audience is engaged, they’ll leave talking about all they learned and gained from attending.

Even in a socially distant conference, where attendees are not in the same physical space, you can build in opportunities for connection. Virtually chatting, video conferencing, and building leads that you can follow up on can all be built right into your virtual trade show platform. These opportunities can help you create an event to remember.

Keeping Virtual Trade Show Attendees Engaged

So, how can we help you keep your virtual trade show attendees engaged? Our platforms include an attendee portal. Through this virtual conference software, your registered attendees can:

  • Access the conference schedule, sponsor content, and more – Easy accessibility will help your attendees stay on top of each session
  • Exhibit hall enabled for viewing before and after the conference – Your attendees can interact with different booths
  • View sponsor submission forms and favorited sponsors – They can return to the sponsors and vendors they would like to connect with
  • Attendee interaction through actions and gamification – Keep your attendees interested with fun interactivity

Additionally, many of the Zoom features we include in our virtual trade show platform allow you to connect with attendees during the event. You can enable audience chat during the events or even host live question and answer sessions. These help your attendees feel they are valued members of your audience.

Through our platform, you can also include a mix of media types. Some attendees might connect better with video, while others appreciate having access to transcripts so they can review information at their leisure. 

One final tip for boosting engagement for your virtual trade show attendees: create numerous opportunities for them to follow up on connections or take the next step. Whether they sign up to learn more about a service or receive a discount on a product, making it easy for attendees to take action will help boost revenue and create more long-term customers.

Our Trade Show Alternatives

How can our virtual trade show platform help you keep attendees interested in your event? In order to boost engagement, our team will build in countless opportunities for your attendees to make connections, follow up on their interests, and feel like they are involved in the event.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the future of trade shows and other alternatives. Don’t give up on hosting a trade show, conference, or expo this year. Instead, make your event one to remember by developing a virtual trade show. Contact us at 833.658.1224 or reach out online to learn more.